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Kerta Cendekia Nursing Academy (KCNA) initiated and facilitated the cooperation between partner nursing schools with Burapha University Thailand. The nursing schools are Stikes Panti Waluya Malang, Stikes Dian Husada Mojokerto and Stikes Nazhatut Thullab Sampang. Another one is Poltekkes Kemenkes Surabaya (Kampus Sidoarjo). Due to the school is the public one, the kind of cooperation held directly by KCNA.

The purpose of roadshow is to apply The Three Pillars of Higher Education (Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi comprising Education, Research, and Community Service) with partner nursing schools, and to encourage the cooperation between KCNA’s partner nursing schools in Indonesia with Burapha University Thailand. KCNA has been cooperating with Burapha University Thailand since 2011 in any activities such as KCNA lecturers get master science in Burapha University Thailand, joint research, and exchange material and publications.    

The roadshow was running on September 5th – 6th 2019, as beginning of the great International Conference that held by KCNA on September 7th 2019. The 1st International Conference with theme “Improving Quality of Life: shifting from Hospital-based Care to Community-based Care” was went successfully with expert speakers from Japan, Thailand, Bhutan, and Indonesia and many participants from lecturer of any nursing schools.

Roadshow of Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi activities are 1) Guest Lecturer from Assistant Professor Dr Pornchai Jullamate (Burapha University Thailand) with “Gerontological Nursing in Thailand” in Stikes Panti Waluya Malang, Poltekkes Kemenkes Surabaya (Kampus Sidoarjo), and Stikes Dian Husada Mojokerto; 2) Shared Discussion “Nursing Students Experience” from Japan, Thailand, Bhutan, Indonesia with KCNA academia civitas; and 3) Community Service “UPT PMKS Pesanggrahan Majapahit” by sharing health education on application of gerontological nursing in Stikes Dian Husada Mojokerto.


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